The cars that will benefit from the car incentives are divided into two bands, based on the value of the emissions:

From 0 to 20 g / km of CO2 the bonus will vary between 6,000 and 4,000 euros, depending on whether the purchase is made with or without scrapping.

From 21 to 70 g / km of CO2 the Ecobonus will be between 2,500 euros in the event of scrapping, and 1,500 euros without scrapping.

From March 1, 2019 until December 31, 2021, all those who purchase a car with emissions between 161 and 175 g / km will be forced to pay an amount of 1,100 euros which will become 1,600 euros for the cars up to 200 g / km, 2,000 euros up to 250 and 2,500 euros for all cars with emissions exceeding 250 g / km.

Scrapping car incentives 2019

With the car incentives the Government’s intention is to rejuvenate the circulating vehicle fleet and encourage the purchase of more environmentally conscious models. Specifically, the Ecobonus will offer an incentive on all new cars sold between March 1, 2019 and December 31, 2021, with CO2 emissions up to 70 g / km and with a list price of up to 61,000 euros VAT (50,000 VAT excluded). Going into detail, if you decide to buy a car with emissions from 0 to 20 g / km you can take advantage of an incentive of 4,000 euros. The amount drops to 1,500 euros should the choice be directed towards a car with emissions from 21 to 70 g / km.

Much more important are the car scrapping incentives in the event that a vehicle belonging to the Euro 0, 1, 2 and 3 category is scrapped. The Ecobonus, in this case, varies from 6,000 to 2,500 euros, but it is good to remember how to always respect the maximum spending limit for the purchase of 61,000 euros. Here below we will show you some examples of cars included in the 2019 incentives. For a more complete list, consult the article on the models included in the Ecobonus 2019.

Hybrid car incentives

As mentioned, the Government’s intention is to encourage the circulation of cars capable of emitting lower CO2 values. Precisely for this reason, hybrid cars must be seriously considered, given that the discounts provided by the 2019 car incentives are really interesting.



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