Novice drivers power limits:

Those who have obtained a B license after February 9, 2011, for the first year after release, will not be able to drive vehicles with a specific power, referred to the tare, higher than 55 kW per ton, while for M1 vehicles, or destined for the transport of people but with a number of seats not exceeding 9, an additional maximum power limit of 70 kW applies.
This is one of the main limitations for novice drivers that must be referred to. If the rule is infringed, severe sanctions may be imposed.

Speed limits:

The novice driver cannot exceed the speed limit of 100 km / h on the highway and 90 km / h on the main extraurban roads. New drivers who exceed these limits risk the application of a fine ranging from € 152.00 to € 608.00, in addition to the additional administrative sanction of the suspension of the validity of the driving license from two to eight months.

These limits for novice drivers do not apply if the car is used for the transportation of disabled persons. In order not to incur penalties, it will be essential that the vehicle is marked with the specific circulation mark and that the disabled person is present in the car.

New rules and penalties:

Our street Code is very strict regarding the alcohol level. If for those who have obtained the license for more than three years it is allowed to drive unless the alcohol level of 0.5 grams / liter is exceeded, the driving limits for novice drivers in the event of alcohol consumption are much more stringent. The tolerance, in fact, is equal to zero for subjects under 21 years of age and for those who have obtained the license for less than three years: new drivers, therefore, cannot in any way drink alcohol before driving their car.

Up to 0.5 g / l will be imposed a fine from 155 to 624 euros and a 5 point deduction on the license. If the result of the alcohol test reports more than 0.5 g / l, the penalties will be increased by 1/3, while if it is higher than 0.8 g / l, the penalties can be increased by 1/3 at the half. Finally, if the alcohol level is higher than 1.5 g / l, the license will be revoked. New drivers will be reduced by double the points from the driving license.

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